A certain group of people have sought out to pave their own paths. ENTREPRENEURS. A little bit passionate, a lot a bit crazy, and sometimes very talented. Often they work long past nightfall and through the holidays and weekends. Their craftsmanship is sometimes overlooked and undervalued- but desperately needed to keep the American dream- any dream, really- alive. The spirit of the small business owner should be the heartbeat of our country. And rather than value disposable material goods, focus should be on a deeper awareness of what it takes to make the objects we desire. That is what called me to open this space.

Our collection of handcrafted, finely made gifts and goods is a testimony to the talented artists who put their soul and spirit into each creation, and the value of simplicity and longevity.

On the shelves you will also find our house-made Apothecary line, among the flowers. An all natural selection of premium, completely natural bath and body products that we forage, blend, pour and package just steps away from the retail space!

Come say hello, BROWSE through beautiful objects, discover the story that brought them to life, and meet the makers of our beloved skincare! Hope to see you soon!